EBook Review – The Inauguration of the Carnal Set – Lottie Winter

Razberry Juice doesn't too often review erotic books, but we were intrigued by The Inauguration of the Carnal Set, by Lottie Winter. It is billed as prequel, setting the scene for novels to come.

This is a very well written and engaging short story following Lady Sybil Troughton, a young women living in Victorian England (we only know it is Victorian, because the author tells us, however the language used does sit correctly so you get a feeling for the time, without the book becoming a history lesson).


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Ebook Review – The Island – Jen Minkman

Its rare that I will review a second book by an author whose first book I reviewed so recently, but it shows how much I enjoyed Shadow of Time, Jen Minkman's first novel that I was so happy to review her second book, another YA story, this time a shorter dystopian novella, which is out on 1 June 2013.

Jen Minkman writes extremely well for her audience, and The Island is most definitely a book which will appeal to YA readers, there is the merest hint of romance, but it is just a hint and the story mainly focusses on the relationships and society of a group of divided people living on an Island.

Razberry Rating: 

Four stars, but I wish it had been a novel.

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Ebook Review – Frozen Stiff – a Zombie Novella by John Grover

Frozen Stiff by John Gover

Frozen Stiff by John GoverSome books you read should just be enjoyed for what they are

And this is one of them; it’s a book that feels like you’re in a movie; cross Mel Gibson and Danny Glover with zombies and this would be the outcome, its well written and engaging having all the hallmarks of good against bad with Brad and Travis part of a rescue team sent in to rescue any survivors


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EBook Review – The Haunting at Blackwood Hall – Barrymore Tebbs

The Haunting at Blackwood Hall

The Haunting at Blackwood HallA well written classy period novel – as someone who wouldn't normally chose a period book I was pleasantly surprised with this ghostly tale. I cant say I was at any time actually scared, but the characters are well written, with flesh on their bones and enough suspense builds up through the story to keep you coming back for more!

I couldn't help but feel our main protagonist a young woman called Claire was more forthright and outspoken than a woman in her position as a governess in a large house could have ever been. But that it was needed for the ebb and flow of the story to be continued.

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Ebook Review – Silent Screams – Annette Gisbey

Silent Screams by Annette Gisby

Silent Screams by Annette GisbySilent Screams isn’t really sure what it is, or where it is set, some of the time I am convinced we are in 1950's Ireland, then its to Victorian England, before its whisked back all the way to modern day.

This tale of a young girl, who at the age of nineteen falls pregnant after being raped would have played and read so much better had it been set in the 1940's or 50's, I found it absolutely unbelievable that a girl would be treated in the modern day the way Jessica is. You feel very little sympathy for the main character, as you cannot believe she would be treated as such or that the people around her would behave towards her in such a way, for example; if one could imagine for a moment that in modern day Briton a young unmarried pregnant woman would be turned away from a shop unserved, we would also see the demise of every shop in the country!!

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Finding our favourite DAB Radios

Roberts Retro Radio Cath Kidston

Roberts Retro Radio Cath KidstonThe digital, or DAB Radio has been around for some years now, making listening to your favourite station clearer and more consistant, but with so many on the market for all budgets, which one to choose?  We have spent a little time ploughing through finding our favourite DAB Radios. 

A quick bit of the technical stuff for you –  DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting, a technology which has grown fastest in Europe, the very first DAB Radio station was launced in 1995 in Norway, but it was the United Kingdom and Denmark that led the march in implementing and broadcasting DAB Radio, but this has quickly grown with there now being over 30 countries worldwide who transmit some kind of DAB Radio service. 

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Ebook Review – CIA Fall Guy – Phyllis Zimbler Miller

CIA Fall Guy - A Spy Thriller

CIA Fall Guy - A Spy ThrillerThis author sure can spin a yarn! CIA Fall Guy is exactly my kind of book, enough action and intrigue to keep you guessing the whole time, with a decent sprinkling of romance and relationships to keep you turning the pages.

The book is well written, and very fast paced, there are times when it seems almost a little too fast, the words spat out at machine gun pace, but that I think is the skill of the author, the more you read, the more you want to read, so the faster you read!


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