Gem Smashers

Gem Smashers’ spins onto Smartphone and Tablet devices

Next-gen action-puzzler now available for free on Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store

Liverpool, UK – 15th November 2012– Mobile games publisher, Thumbstar Games, is pleased to announce that Gem Smashers is now available for leading iOS and Android devices.

The Earth has been devastated by the evil scientist IMBU and his henchmen. The world’s inhabitants, who once lived in peace, are now all locked up in crystal cells, allowing IMBU to steal the world’s energy. In Gem Smashers you adventure through beautiful and varied environments, taking part in action sequences, and fighting the game’s eight “bosses”. Playing as either BAU, BAM & BOM- the three heroic creatures who miraculously escaped IMBU’s clutches, your task is to smash cells, free friends and save the world.

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Bossa Studios – The Wizards of Games!

After BAFTA winning studios, Bossa told us all about their new Facebook game, Merlin: The Game, and we all lost a few hours in necessary research playing! We of course went back to them and asked very nicely for an interview! The UK based company was very happy to oblige and it would seem that Imre Jele, Bossa Studio’s Creator-in-Chief was nominated 'it' as very he obligingly answered all the questions we fired at him in super quick succession…

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