Imaginary Games – Simply Stunning!

We come across a lot of games developers, and as anyone who plays on the mobile platforms will tell you, there is almost too much choice out there, we were therefore very happy when we stumbled across Imaginary Games and their very unique take on all things mobile gaming. Stunning hand painted artwork and collectable games cards go together to create something delightfully unique.

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Nicole Brune – Beauty and the Brush

Another week, and once again we have another really cool artist to showcase, the very talented Nicole Brune has stopped by to have a chat and let us torture her with a few questions!

Nicole Brune has been drawing and painting professionally for a good few years, and says she 'loves every minute of it'! As can been seen from her work, she specialises in drawing and painting beautiful women with, as she puts it, a touch of fantasy.

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Erica Hesse – Pin-Up Girl

We love featuring artists on Razberry Juice, there is something rather special about folks who make their living from creating amazing things for the rest of to gaze upon and Erica Hesse definitely ranks up very high on work we love to gaze upon so when she happily agreed to an interview we wasted no time in getting down to grilling her…..

So, we started at the beginning, its a very good place to start, asking Erica about herself, where she grew up and any formal training she may have had?


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Scarlett Rugers – Book Covers Uncovered

We have been really fortunate to be able to get some time with Scarlett Rugers, Artist, Illustrator, Book Cover Designer and even a painter of words.  

There is no doubt that a brilliant novel can be made even more shiny and bright with a fabulous, well designed and thought out cover, and we wanted to ask Scarlett about the process, and how an artist like herself can help.  Look out tomorrow for a piece by Scarlett on "Making a Bad Book Cover Look Good", an unmissable read for anyone embarking on publishing their first book.  


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The Everything Girl – Cecilia Marie

We wanted to speak to Cecilia Marie after we stumbled upon her blog – SweetSurrenderArt, she really is the everything girl, artist,blogger, mother and make-up artist to name but a few….she seems to fit the mould of the kind of woman we made Razberry Juice for (or for those of us not quite that energetic, the kind of woman, we would like to read about!!)


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