Living Life On a Budget – Christmas

Christmas is coming and whilst the goose gets fat, we all get considerably poorer, the pressure to spend spend spend at Christmas is very hard to resist! But in today's climate the option to do this, even if we want to, for many people is simply not there. So it pays to shop about, and search out those bargains and deals, Christmas is no different to any other time, searching about and being a savvy shopper can make those pounds go further.


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Living Life on a Budget – Vouchers

It certainly seems these days that to set out on day's shopping, out for a meal or a night out without a money-off/special deal voucher tucked into your back pocket would be crazy. The culture for these vouchers has sprung up, and doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. I would never head out for lunch with friends without one, and would hate to sit in a restaurant seeing those white slips on everyone else's tables, knowing I was paying full price, while they were all far more canny than me, and were getting the same grub and paying far less for it!

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Living Life On a Budget – Supermarkets

The weekly grocery shop for is often one of the biggest expenses for households. It can be hard to balance the budget while still trying to eat reasonably healthily!

As someone who has been financially tested for a while now, I have developed ways to ensure each week I do and buy the best I possibly can with the money I have to spend.

My top tips for making sure you stretch that pound as much as you can:

Hawkin Bazaar


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