EBook Review – The Haunting at Blackwood Hall – Barrymore Tebbs

The Haunting at Blackwood Hall

The Haunting at Blackwood HallA well written classy period novel – as someone who wouldn't normally chose a period book I was pleasantly surprised with this ghostly tale. I cant say I was at any time actually scared, but the characters are well written, with flesh on their bones and enough suspense builds up through the story to keep you coming back for more!

I couldn't help but feel our main protagonist a young woman called Claire was more forthright and outspoken than a woman in her position as a governess in a large house could have ever been. But that it was needed for the ebb and flow of the story to be continued.

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Ebook Review – Silent Screams – Annette Gisbey

Silent Screams by Annette Gisby

Silent Screams by Annette GisbySilent Screams isn’t really sure what it is, or where it is set, some of the time I am convinced we are in 1950's Ireland, then its to Victorian England, before its whisked back all the way to modern day.

This tale of a young girl, who at the age of nineteen falls pregnant after being raped would have played and read so much better had it been set in the 1940's or 50's, I found it absolutely unbelievable that a girl would be treated in the modern day the way Jessica is. You feel very little sympathy for the main character, as you cannot believe she would be treated as such or that the people around her would behave towards her in such a way, for example; if one could imagine for a moment that in modern day Briton a young unmarried pregnant woman would be turned away from a shop unserved, we would also see the demise of every shop in the country!!

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Ebook Review – Crowley’s Window – Gord Rollo

Crowley's Window

Crowley's WindowWhen I read the synopsis, I thought this book was going to be right up my street, and I wasnt wrong!  Gord Rollo's supernatural thriller with a hint of horror hit all the right notes for me!  It starts at good pace, and the book pretty much continues like that right up to the final climax!  

Losing her sight (and her eyes) when a teenager, the beautiful but troubled Abby now lives and works with her 'surrogate family' as part of the 'freak show' in a travelling circus.  But unlike most of the other 'freaks' her talents are real, she is able to see into the future, the loss of her eyes seemingly having given her another way to see, and enhanced the gifts she has always had!   

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Ebook Review – The Baby Trap – Sibel Hodge


The Baby Trap made me laugh, made me cry, made me cringe and cross my legs! I loved it, I understood the subject, having lived much of it; but the author is able to still entertain you and ensure for every rueful tear there are more smiles to be had. You don't need to have been through infertility or that absolute need for a child to enjoy The Baby Trap, its well written, funny, poignant and clever enough to stand up as a novel on its own.

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Children’s Books – An Emporium of Imagination

Remember those glorious childhood days of being lost in an amazing adventure as you solved mysteries fought dragons and saved the day, only to be bought back to reality by the call of your parents' voice telling you that your dinner was getting cold, or just finish that last chapter before drifting off to sleep where you played out every word every ink stroke in your dreams.

We all have those fond memories of our favourite books and authors; mine being the Silver Sword by Ian Serraillier which filled my days with wondrous thoughts of adventure.

Only today we pass those memories onto our children and there is no greater gift than watching a child’s imagination run wild and free as they explore the hidden treasures of such tales.

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EBook Review -The Far Horizon – Patty Jenson

This science fiction novel aimed at children over 10, starts slowly, seeming to focus more on the main character Cory's dislike at the way his life is changing, seeming almost a little whiney and annoying, but if you stick with it, the author starts to weave a good tale, full of rich detail and explanation. Any child with a love of science fictionand space will enjoy this book, at times it can seem a little stilted and perhaps some more editorial time would have really made this good book great.

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Ebook Review – Short Story – The Taking of Millie May – Rose Scottsdale

Erotic Fiction is hot hot hot at the moment, and so dipping one's toe in via a short story seemed like a good idea!

The Taking of Millie May by Rose Scottsdale is a short story at just over 4000 words. Its the first offering from author Scottsdale published on Kindle.

I was fairly sceptical after reading the synopsis, and it is standard erotic fiction, doing “exactly what it says on the tin”, but with that said its a very readable tale of a young woman (with seemingly a very high sex drive), being 'taken' by a rather dominant man (blacksmith), it promises to be the first in a series and it definitely does set the scene well for more, and that is the great thing about Kindle and self-publishing an author can easily publish a whole series of short stories, one after the other, keeping readers waiting for more.

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