Its….All About Maggie

It can sometimes be a little bit of a blood from a stone situation when interviewing, not with a Maggie Szabo, she was more than happy to chat to us about her music and life in general!

Maggie Szabo who aptly performs as 'All about Maggie', is not only beautiful, but is also a very much up and coming pop soul diva with a voice to match, there is no doubt big things are happening for this talented young women!

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East Side Games – The Sky’s the Limit!

When East Side Games dropped us a ‘hi’ to tell us about their latest release Ruby Skies, we took the opportunity to learn more about the company, and in the process learn a little more about the gaming industry especially as regards the ever growing and popular social networks and mobile platforms. What really caught our attention about East Side Games, besides the fact that they make some pretty cool games, was the independent label thing, it brings back the days when one man game companies produced some truly classic games from their bedrooms?

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