Ebook Review – Cassandra – Lottie Winter


RazberryThis is the second book from Lottie Winter, and when she asked us to review it, after loving her first offering The Inauguration of the Carnal Set, I was very happy to take on the mantle.

Cassandra is billed as the first full novel in The Carnal Set series, and it certainly does not disappoint!

Let’s get the standard e-book stuff out of the way first!  It is well written, decently edited and reads as good as any novel from one of the big publishing houses, this book certainly doesn’t suffer from some of the problems which afflict some e-books which don’t have the benefit of a huge publisher, instead it is classy, professional and actually extremely good.

Four Stars for a exceptionally good erotic novel.

Razberry rating:

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Ebook Review – Lizzie by Lottie Winter

Having read the other books in The Carnal Set, when we got an email from author Lottie Winter to say there was another instalment in the Victorian Dark Erotic book series, I felt compelled to read Lizzie too, and I am pleased to say that one again Lottie really has a grasp of the Victorian era taking great pride I am sure in researching her use of words to fit perfectly.

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