Chocolate for Muffins

Chocolate for MuffinsI have a passion for chocolate muffins, not those horrible greasy supermarket ones, bought cheaply by the dozen, but delicious home made muffins, oozing with gooey chocolate, light and scrummy. I find muffins easier to make than the good old fairy cake (although there is always room for a butterfly cake in my world!), Muffins, are generally always guaranteed to rise and take very little effort. My top tip though before you go out and buy a muffin tin and cases – just continue to use your standard bun tin and cases for a few goes, use a little less mixture and cut down your cooking time, that way you can make sure you love them as much as me before buying more kitchen paraphernalia to gather dust. I often make mini muffins, they are perfect for parties, for small fingers or just those wishing to munch less cake!

As always I have many many recipes for these sweet treats stored in my favourite bookmark category, so here are a few of them, no need to go out and splurge on a cookbook, just employ the power of Google!


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