Razberry Candy – Thor

Chris Hemsworth as Thor (copyright Marvel Studios)

Chris Hemsworth as Thor (copyright Marvel Studios)NAME: Thor

ABOUT: When searching for the first Razberry Candy of the year, I had a total mind blank. Sometimes it can be hard finding someone who fills all the criteria! One of my colleagues suggested Thor, knowing all too well I have an interest, not only in Norse Mythology, but also 'one' in the Australian actor Chris Hemsworth who plays Thor in the Marvel Comic films!

So this Razberry Candy is a double bubble! We have a Norse God and an upcoming screen god all rolled into one! Former Home & Away actor Hemsworth contributes the eye candy and the Norse God original version contributes a bit of interesting mythology!

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Christian Grey – 50 Shades of Grey – RAZBERRY CANDY

NAME: Christian Grey 

AGE: 28 

ABOUT: Christian Grey is a successful, handsome and charming business man, however there is a darker side to the CEO of Grey Enterprises. Christian, or better known by his girlfriend as ‘Fifty’ has had a painful and disturbing past, he was brought into the world by a drug addict who failed to care for him or feed him, this was made worse by her ‘pimp’ boyfriend who would stub cigarettes out on his body. This all came to an end when Mr Grey’s mother overdosed and died in front of him at just 4 years old, from then on he was taken into care and then finally adopted at the age of 15 – so its no surprise he has a few, shall we say, ‘issues’.

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