Ebook Review – Darklandia – T.S. Welti

Darklandia T.S. Welti

Darklandia T.S. WeltiAs soon as I read the synopsis of Darklandia, I knew I was the one to do the reviewing, and I was right – I loved it. I have always loved anything dystopian, sci-fi, thriller'ish, I don't do chit lit very well, and count Nineteen Eighty-Four and Brave New World amongst my absolute favourite novels, but enough of my reviewing credentials…..

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EBook Review – Wings of Shadow (The Underground Trilogy)

Before reading this ebook, I purposefully didn’t read the prologue, so I had no real idea what the story was about, and I found the whole premise in a literary world currently full of vampires and various shades of that colour grey to be refreshing –

I have therefore absolutely intentionally failed to mention in my review the central crux of the book! It really is a lovely surprise!

Wings of Shadow is not a challenging read, nor is it a read that will change your world, however it is light and easy to read, its the kind of ebook you can pop on the Kindle before your holiday and happily dip into when round the pool.

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Snippet – Gaming – my addiction to “keeping fish” on my Android

Fish Live


Fish LiveLike many SmartPhone users, every now and again I pootle my way through the Android Market Place (I refuse to call it the PlayStore sounds ridiculous), for some free apps and games. Most will last a few weeks before they are removed or forgotten, one which has stuck and doesn’t seem to be losing its uncertain appeal is Fish Live, a free app by CanadaDroid, its ludicrously easy to play, extremely untaxing, would appear to have no real goals bar raising up through the levels and is rather repetitive. But I have been playing it now for a few months a few times a day!

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