Razberry Candy – Dr Who (part 2) – David Tennant

We promised you two Who’s in December, and as the month is getting nearer to a close, taking 2013 with it, we thought we had better get our fingers out and get going! (you can read Part 1 Matt Smith HERE)

So as we are always good to our word, we bring you all Razberry Candyied up nicely – Mr David Tennant (and we also promise no more Dr Who for a little while at least!).  But we need your help to decide who really wins the head to head – keep reading to the end and then let us know….!

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Razberry Candy – Dr Who (part 1) – Matt Smith

We have gone a bit unashamedly Who’vian, at Razberry Juice, so much so it has been suggested we rename ourselves Whoberry Juice (yep – that’s awful!).

So when the time came to do this month’s Razberry Candy, we knew it had to be a Doctor – but we just couldn’t decide – therefore in a first for Razberry Juice we are bringing our two Candies head to head!

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Razberry Candy – Dr Who! Peter Capaldi



NAME: Peter Capaldi (AKA Dr Who)

At Razberry Juice we are huge Doctor Who fans, Saturday nights for Razberry Juicers are always best when the doctor is in the house! So it was therefore with slightly baited breath that we waited for a perennially overexcited Zoe Ball to announce that the new Doctor was going to be Peter Capaldi. Now it is perhaps true he is not the usual fodder for Razberry Candy, however the fact he is the Doctor makes him automatically qualify.


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