The Flapjack laid bare plus Cherryade!


CoronaOne of my most vivid memories from childhood is sitting at the dinner table with a huge glass of cherryade in front of me, now this would have been the early 1980's and I know I was at my grandparents house so it would have been Corona's cherryade that had never been near a cherry and was rammed full of every E number imaginable. Corona has a fond place in my heart, as I spent much of my childhood lugging the bottles about, my grandfather's idea of pocket money being to give me and my sisters a few empty Corona or Tizer bottles each so we could go off and cash them in the next day for a few pence (my grandfather was actually far more generous than that with his cash and saved all his 20p's for us!). But I digress, my memory is of me looking about at all the grown ups drinking tea at the table and me slurping at my cherryade thinking how on earth could they be so boring, a cup of tea compared to the nectar that was currently staining my tongue and lips a livid shade of red, and would ensure I would be bouncing off the walls for the next few hours!

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