Samsung Galaxy SIII LTE -v- ZTE KIS – battle of the smart phones

zte kis

zte kisA smart phone is a must have for most of us, gone are the days when its ok for your phone to just do what a phone should do, and make calls! Now we expect to be able to surf the net, take brilliant pictures, play games, watch videos, connect instantly with friends and keep the all important social media up to date; and of course it must do all those mobile phone basics of making a call and texting.


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It’s not all about the iPad!

It has to be acknowledged that the iPad came, saw and totally conquered, but in the scramble by every technology company (and its cheaper Taiwanese uncle!) to jump on the tablet bandwagon and steal some of the iPad's hold on the market, some really good tablet computers have emerged, we have chosen three from the pack. So before you automatically reach for an iPad, have a look about, you might save a few pounds, but crucially also you might find a tablet that offers some functionality suited perfectly to your needs.

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