Risotto Recipes to Make Your Mouth Water!!

I never quite understand the apparent general reticence about making a risotto, there seems to be some fear you have to stand over it stirring like crazy until it’s perfectly cooked!  Of course that is nonsense, a good risotto does require a little bit of TLC, but nothing too terribly strenuous!

I think a scrummy risotto is one of the very easiest things there is to make, there are innumerable options, and recipes.  It’s a one pot wonder dish!

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The Sunday Roast is Back!

Summer has officially gone, its done and dusted and autumn is well and truly here, that means Sundays lunchtimes are again all about the roast dinner! And whilst of course I adore any roasted joint of meat, the humble roast chicken is a often more cost effective and just as scrummy alternative, but just throwing a oven ready bird into the oven and hoping for the best really doesn't cut it, everyone has their own methods and recipes for achieving the best results for a succulent tasty roast chicken, but for the last few weeks I have been on a mission scouring the web for recipes which are easy to follow and will give you and your family that perfect Sunday Roast!

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Best Pasta Salads

Summer is finally here (work with me on this, I know its patchy to say the least), and that means for many of us the compulsory family BBQs and parties, which brings along with it the obligation to turn up with a dish of something hopefully home-made and delicious to share.

My standard offering is a pasta salad, they are generally universally liked, easy to make and filling.

Here I share some of the best on the web I have found and a couple of my own variations…



Marks and Spencer


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