EBook Review – The Inauguration of the Carnal Set – Lottie Winter

Razberry Juice doesn't too often review erotic books, but we were intrigued by The Inauguration of the Carnal Set, by Lottie Winter. It is billed as prequel, setting the scene for novels to come.

This is a very well written and engaging short story following Lady Sybil Troughton, a young women living in Victorian England (we only know it is Victorian, because the author tells us, however the language used does sit correctly so you get a feeling for the time, without the book becoming a history lesson).


Razberry Rating

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Ebook Review – The Island – Jen Minkman

Its rare that I will review a second book by an author whose first book I reviewed so recently, but it shows how much I enjoyed Shadow of Time, Jen Minkman's first novel that I was so happy to review her second book, another YA story, this time a shorter dystopian novella, which is out on 1 June 2013.

Jen Minkman writes extremely well for her audience, and The Island is most definitely a book which will appeal to YA readers, there is the merest hint of romance, but it is just a hint and the story mainly focusses on the relationships and society of a group of divided people living on an Island.

Razberry Rating: 

Four stars, but I wish it had been a novel.

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EBook Review – By the Light of the Moon – Laila Blake

By the Light of the Moon

By the Light of the Moon Paranormal/Romance…..I wasn't expecting too much when I started this novel, the first by Laila Blake, but how wrong I was! I absolutely loved it, I was taken along with the story, almost a little excited at what was going to happen and intrigued as the characters, storyline and the world they inhabit unfurled itself.

Razberry Rating – a well earned:



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Julia Dweck – Interview with an Author

Julia Dweck is a children's author who writes delightful books.  All are available on Amazon Kindle Fire or via Amazon Cloud on your tablet or computer.  We loved reading and reviewing four of her books, and enjoyed chatting to her – see interview after the reviews, together with some useful links of where you can find out more about Julia and her books, and where you can go to buy them! 



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Ebook Review – Dollhouse – Anya Allyn

Dollhouse by Anya Allyn

Dollhouse by Anya AllynDollhouse is one of those books you’re going to love to read, regardless of whether or not you fit into the young adult category or not – it’s that good,

Its dark and different , and I love the way Anya gives credence to each and every character in the story, which by the way revolves around a group of friends and the disappearance of Aisha whilst on a field trip for a school project.

Razberry Rating: 

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Ebook Review – Frozen Stiff – a Zombie Novella by John Grover

Frozen Stiff by John Gover

Frozen Stiff by John GoverSome books you read should just be enjoyed for what they are

And this is one of them; it’s a book that feels like you’re in a movie; cross Mel Gibson and Danny Glover with zombies and this would be the outcome, its well written and engaging having all the hallmarks of good against bad with Brad and Travis part of a rescue team sent in to rescue any survivors


Razberry Rating: 

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