Living Life On a Budget – Selling on eBay

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ebay logoIn my years using eBay, I have sold everything from a cup and saucer to a canoe, and bought everything from soap to a sofa, and since having children I have used it like never before, children grow at a shocking rate and buying and selling barely used items is a huge industry, savvy parents realising they can not only buy great value items for their sprogs, but also resell on the ones they bought only a few months ago!

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Living Life On a Budget – Christmas

Christmas is coming and whilst the goose gets fat, we all get considerably poorer, the pressure to spend spend spend at Christmas is very hard to resist! But in today's climate the option to do this, even if we want to, for many people is simply not there. So it pays to shop about, and search out those bargains and deals, Christmas is no different to any other time, searching about and being a savvy shopper can make those pounds go further.


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