Best on the Web – Yummy Cookies

Cookies – there are days, when you can think of absolutely nothing nicer than a tank sized cup of coffee and a cookie the size of a dinner plate to go with it (yep those are dark and bad days!) – however cookies (and not biscuits – there is a definite difference here and I am going down the cookie route today that is not to say that I don’t appreciate a jolly good biscuit, because I most definitely do – for example the digestive biscuit will hold up to the rigours of even the most foolhardy  dunker and eater).

Cookies are extremely easy to make, and you can achieve that scrummy squidgyness that packet cookies lack very easily.



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Risotto Recipes to Make Your Mouth Water!!

I never quite understand the apparent general reticence about making a risotto, there seems to be some fear you have to stand over it stirring like crazy until it’s perfectly cooked!  Of course that is nonsense, a good risotto does require a little bit of TLC, but nothing too terribly strenuous!

I think a scrummy risotto is one of the very easiest things there is to make, there are innumerable options, and recipes.  It’s a one pot wonder dish!

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Chocolate for Muffins

Chocolate for MuffinsI have a passion for chocolate muffins, not those horrible greasy supermarket ones, bought cheaply by the dozen, but delicious home made muffins, oozing with gooey chocolate, light and scrummy. I find muffins easier to make than the good old fairy cake (although there is always room for a butterfly cake in my world!), Muffins, are generally always guaranteed to rise and take very little effort. My top tip though before you go out and buy a muffin tin and cases – just continue to use your standard bun tin and cases for a few goes, use a little less mixture and cut down your cooking time, that way you can make sure you love them as much as me before buying more kitchen paraphernalia to gather dust. I often make mini muffins, they are perfect for parties, for small fingers or just those wishing to munch less cake!

As always I have many many recipes for these sweet treats stored in my favourite bookmark category, so here are a few of them, no need to go out and splurge on a cookbook, just employ the power of Google!


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