Unruly Guides E-book Formatting Kit 3.0 Review

Like all new authors to self-publishing I was a bit worried about the formatting aspect of my book once ready to publish, after putting all the hard work in to writing it, the last thing I wanted was for it to be let down by poor readability when viewed on one of today’s readers such as a Kindle.

This began my search on how to format an e-book looking for a tool that not only made it pleasing to read but also made it compare favourably against the competition.





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Ebook Review – Short Story – The Taking of Millie May – Rose Scottsdale

Erotic Fiction is hot hot hot at the moment, and so dipping one's toe in via a short story seemed like a good idea!

The Taking of Millie May by Rose Scottsdale is a short story at just over 4000 words. Its the first offering from author Scottsdale published on Kindle.

I was fairly sceptical after reading the synopsis, and it is standard erotic fiction, doing “exactly what it says on the tin”, but with that said its a very readable tale of a young woman (with seemingly a very high sex drive), being 'taken' by a rather dominant man (blacksmith), it promises to be the first in a series and it definitely does set the scene well for more, and that is the great thing about Kindle and self-publishing an author can easily publish a whole series of short stories, one after the other, keeping readers waiting for more.

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