Ebook Review – Sasha’s List – Lucy Tucker

Sasha's List

{jcomments on}Sasha's ListWhat can I say erotic books are all about titillation, being thought provoking and definitely fantasy! The author Lucy Tucker has done a good job, Sasha’s List tells the tale of two women who become friends by a chance meeting at a motel, after Sasha splits up from her boyfriend, Sasha and her new friend Kelly then go on to create a list of their sexual fantasies, all of which they undertake in a week.  While at the same time, engaging in a lot of sexual experimentation between each other.

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Ebook Review – Darklandia – T.S. Welti

Darklandia T.S. Welti

Darklandia T.S. WeltiAs soon as I read the synopsis of Darklandia, I knew I was the one to do the reviewing, and I was right – I loved it. I have always loved anything dystopian, sci-fi, thriller'ish, I don't do chit lit very well, and count Nineteen Eighty-Four and Brave New World amongst my absolute favourite novels, but enough of my reviewing credentials…..

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Scarlett Rugers – Book Covers Uncovered

We have been really fortunate to be able to get some time with Scarlett Rugers, Artist, Illustrator, Book Cover Designer and even a painter of words.  

There is no doubt that a brilliant novel can be made even more shiny and bright with a fabulous, well designed and thought out cover, and we wanted to ask Scarlett about the process, and how an artist like herself can help.  Look out tomorrow for a piece by Scarlett on "Making a Bad Book Cover Look Good", an unmissable read for anyone embarking on publishing their first book.  


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