Snippet – The Slanket…its wrong but we love it

We at Razberry Juice don't claim to be at the forefront of, well of anything really, but we feel like by discovering The Slanket only recently, we have missed out on something that should have been on our radar a while ago!

Simply speaking – The Slanket is “the blanket with arms”.  

The Slanket is available in the UK at



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Best Online Price for……

UGG Boots – Womens Classic Short!

The sun may have gone (almost) for a while but that doesn’t mean we should be sad! Turn that frown upside down, and you remember it means the boots can come out! And when we say boots many of us would love to slip on our tootsies some UGG Boots! But, UGG's can be super pricey so we have done some serious internet mining to find the best prices we can for the Classic Short!


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Razberry Candy – James Bond

NAME: James Bond – code name 007 (created by Ian Fleming in 1953)

ABOUT: Fleming wrote just 12 James Bond books, and two short story collections, so it seems rather amazing that the James Bond franchise has been popular for so very long! In celebration of the release of the much anticipated Skyfall, the latest instalment in the James Bond story, what better than to celebrate the actors who have helped to ensure that James Bond has been and continues to be the huge British success it it!

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Ebook Review – The Baby Trap – Sibel Hodge


The Baby Trap made me laugh, made me cry, made me cringe and cross my legs! I loved it, I understood the subject, having lived much of it; but the author is able to still entertain you and ensure for every rueful tear there are more smiles to be had. You don't need to have been through infertility or that absolute need for a child to enjoy The Baby Trap, its well written, funny, poignant and clever enough to stand up as a novel on its own.

Razberry Rating:


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Martini Productions – A Slice of Amazing!

Following on from our interview with The Ivy League and their making of a web series Mythos we talk to Jessica Mazo (you can read more about Jessica on and Tom O’Brien of Martini Productions, Tom is currently working as the producer on Mythos, whilst Jessica has a starring role, so it was pretty cool to get to throw a few questions at these guys and find out what their company is all about

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Free to Play MMORPGs – find your next free fix

Looking for a new game to play, but would rather not delve into your pockets for the cash for a pay to play MMORPG? Then look no further, we have done some delving and made a list of every single free-to-play MMORPG we can find (no claims that this is an exhaustive list!).

Whether you are a seasoned gamer looking for a new challenge, or are currently working out what the hell MMORPG means (Massively-Multiplayer-Online-Role-Playing-Game), we are sure we have found something to suit without you spending a penny! But if you dont mind spending a little bit of money I highly recommend you try the game destiny 2, I also found this amazing destiny 2 carry. This will help you level up your character faster and give you more of an advantage against the opposing team.

We have listed and reviewed the first ten we found (no favouritism just came up first!) – the rest are in genre lists.

We would love to add reviews of the games – if you are a player and would like to submit a review of any of the games listed – please email to for inclusion.

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In praise of the Kindle



Kindle Fire, Full Color 7" Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi

In unashamed praise of the Kindle.

So its never going to be the coolest gadget, but Amazon's Kindle is fast becoming a must have, and at £89.00 for their standard version it really is within the grasp of many of us mere mortals, and not too pricey to pop on your Birthday or Christmas list without feeling guilty.

But as someone who loves books, covets them, keeps them and has always given them as gifts, why why do I love my Kindle so much?

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