Ebook Review – Dark Secrets – Matthew W Grant

The Devil always gets his due!, and this YA horror is full of satanic nastiness! I really enjoyed this book, it fulfilled all the criteria for a horror book! It has as said above satanic horrors, suspense and some thoroughly nasty people, and of course some stooges who you want to scream at!

Well written and extremely well edited Dark Secrets is one of a new breed of really good high quality books making their way through the mire of self-publised e-books.


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Ebook Review – Superman’s Cape – Brian Spangler

Superman's Cape Novel

Superman's Cape Novel If I had come across this book on the shelf in the local bookshop I would probably not have bought it, and fter reading the synopsis on my Kindle it struck me that this was going to be another predictable story like so many others out there. However, it is in the Amazon top 300, which had to bode well!  Having been asked to give it a review by Razberryjuice (which means a free read), I made a cup of tea, settled down and made a start…

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Snippet – The Slanket…its wrong but we love it

We at Razberry Juice don't claim to be at the forefront of, well of anything really, but we feel like by discovering The Slanket only recently, we have missed out on something that should have been on our radar a while ago!

Simply speaking – The Slanket is “the blanket with arms”.  

The Slanket is available in the UK at http://www.slanket.co.uk/



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Children’s Books – An Emporium of Imagination

Remember those glorious childhood days of being lost in an amazing adventure as you solved mysteries fought dragons and saved the day, only to be bought back to reality by the call of your parents' voice telling you that your dinner was getting cold, or just finish that last chapter before drifting off to sleep where you played out every word every ink stroke in your dreams.

We all have those fond memories of our favourite books and authors; mine being the Silver Sword by Ian Serraillier which filled my days with wondrous thoughts of adventure.

Only today we pass those memories onto our children and there is no greater gift than watching a child’s imagination run wild and free as they explore the hidden treasures of such tales.

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