EBook Review – The Inauguration of the Carnal Set – Lottie Winter

Razberry Juice doesn't too often review erotic books, but we were intrigued by The Inauguration of the Carnal Set, by Lottie Winter. It is billed as prequel, setting the scene for novels to come.

This is a very well written and engaging short story following Lady Sybil Troughton, a young women living in Victorian England (we only know it is Victorian, because the author tells us, however the language used does sit correctly so you get a feeling for the time, without the book becoming a history lesson).


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Ebook Review – How to Cook up a Disaster – Rachel Elizabeth Cole

At 43 pages, this novelette is a easy to read in one sitting, (and I did with the help of a packet of Ginger Nuts)!  How to Cook Up a Disaster is funny and light, if you have a dysfunctional family of any sort, you will grin that definitely is a given. It doesn’t claim to solve any of life's big questions, and it really doesn’t, but it does amuse!

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