Samsung Galaxy SIII LTE -v- ZTE KIS – battle of the smart phones

zte kis

zte kisA smart phone is a must have for most of us, gone are the days when its ok for your phone to just do what a phone should do, and make calls! Now we expect to be able to surf the net, take brilliant pictures, play games, watch videos, connect instantly with friends and keep the all important social media up to date; and of course it must do all those mobile phone basics of making a call and texting.


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Snippet – Gaming – my addiction to “keeping fish” on my Android

Fish Live


Fish LiveLike many SmartPhone users, every now and again I pootle my way through the Android Market Place (I refuse to call it the PlayStore sounds ridiculous), for some free apps and games. Most will last a few weeks before they are removed or forgotten, one which has stuck and doesn’t seem to be losing its uncertain appeal is Fish Live, a free app by CanadaDroid, its ludicrously easy to play, extremely untaxing, would appear to have no real goals bar raising up through the levels and is rather repetitive. But I have been playing it now for a few months a few times a day!

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