Facebook without a Face – time to live?

Way back when Razberry Juice was still very wet behind its ears, I wrote an article (HERE) about Facebook, declaring my lack of a page on the social media website.  A lot has changed since then, Razberry Juice has grown into the magazine I am so very proud of, I have had a baby (now a crazy toddler, who I am also so very proud of) and the rise of social media has continued at a pace which is almost eye-wateringly fast, worming its way seemingly into every part of our personal and business lives.  However what has not changed is my resolute decision to not have a personal Facebook page.  I should perhaps at this point acknowledge that at RazberyJuice.com we do use social media extensively, in particular Twitter and have always been unfailingly impressed and surprised at the interactions with our readers via their tweets, we make contacts, meet new interesting people and keep our readership informed of what is happening on Twitter and Facebook.  

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Life without Facebook

I am pretty computer savvy, I spend far more time than I should online, I write for a online magazine, am a gamer, website designer and I talk more to my friends via Skype than I ever 

actually see them in person!  With all that said, there is one thing that I most definitely and happily live without, something I have no intention of changing…….

"My name is Elizabeth Clarke, and I don't have a Facebook page….."

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