East Side Games – The Sky’s the Limit!

When East Side Games dropped us a ‘hi’ to tell us about their latest release Ruby Skies, we took the opportunity to learn more about the company, and in the process learn a little more about the gaming industry especially as regards the ever growing and popular social networks and mobile platforms. What really caught our attention about East Side Games, besides the fact that they make some pretty cool games, was the independent label thing, it brings back the days when one man game companies produced some truly classic games from their bedrooms?

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Life without Facebook

I am pretty computer savvy, I spend far more time than I should online, I write for a online magazine, am a gamer, website designer and I talk more to my friends via Skype than I ever 

actually see them in person!  With all that said, there is one thing that I most definitely and happily live without, something I have no intention of changing…….

"My name is Elizabeth Clarke, and I don't have a Facebook page….."

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