Kicksister The Realistic way to become Fierce and Fit with Family and Friends!

Kicksister Taekwondo

We’re watching Xena Warrior Princess as she strides over a hill after battle. Her armours’ shining in the sun, her abs flex as she pushes her irritatingly lustrous hair back from her face. As we sit and wonder how she manages to keep free of split ends on top of being a medieval queen of battle, it hits us! We think: ‘starting from right now, I am going to be Xenia Warrior Princess!’. But then, we glance over at the Hobnobs… Xenia can’t eat hobnobs, that wont do. Or those of us more determined leap up with inspired feminine strength, perhaps doing a lunge with our imaginary swords as we glance at our heroine on the screen. But… then we stub our toe, roll about in agony for 30 seconds and realise: we’re possibly not cut out for a life of pain and glory. Every one of us girls has had the burning desire to be strong and fierce as we watch our heroines fighting the world.

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