Unruly Guides E-book Formatting Kit 3.0 Review

Like all new authors to self-publishing I was a bit worried about the formatting aspect of my book once ready to publish, after putting all the hard work in to writing it, the last thing I wanted was for it to be let down by poor readability when viewed on one of today’s readers such as a Kindle.

This began my search on how to format an e-book looking for a tool that not only made it pleasing to read but also made it compare favourably against the competition.





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The Unruly Guide to EPublishing

We have at RazberryJuice taken an interest in online publishing, praising the Kindle and EReaders, reviewing ebooks and speaking to authors. It seemed to us the next logical step was to speak to Suzanne Fyhrie Parrott of UnrulyGuides.com a DIY Self-Publishing resource, offering guides, kits and tutorials for the self-publishing author. Her site condenses down the self-publishing process into easy to understand terms, providing tips, tutorials, and tools, as well as step-by-step videos making the process a lot less painful.

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