Spooked – but not laughing

Money doesn’t the hit make!  We love a web series here at Razberry Towers, regularly trawling the world wide interweb in search of some original fresh entertainment, and Geek & Sundry, the home of the excellence in web comedy that is The Guild (arguably the funniest web series ever made – unless you know of something funnier….), and Space Janitors, has the best credentials and something that most don’t – money!

So when we saw that there was a new offering from Geek & Sundry, co-written by Felicia Day, who is our absolutely favourite internet celeb (she kinda oozes – “well bugger it, I will just do it myself then”) we were rather pleased and almost excited to have a watch.

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Film Making – The Independent Way

The great thing about this job (the writing lark) is that you get very often to write about and research things you know very little about, this article falls smack, bang into this category. I had a vague knowledge of film making on the web, but admit I have never once watched anything made and produced for the viewing online, so I was pretty excited when this article landed on my desk to write!

I spoke to Miriam Pultro, an actress, writer and producer living in Brooklyn, NY in the US.

The Ivy League, is a collaboration of up and coming independent film makers, whose first project is a webseries called Mythos.

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