What is Celebrity?

Or perhaps a more apt title would be Who is a Celebrity?  It used to be an easy question to answer – there was a simple alphabet of celebs – with the A listers at the top and the Z listers way down below.  The A listers were the movie stars, the Hollywood movers and shakers and all celebrity flowed from them, everyone on the celebrity bandwagon knew that they were the ones to emulate, it was their stardom that was ultimately sought.  

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Its….All About Maggie

It can sometimes be a little bit of a blood from a stone situation when interviewing, not with a Maggie Szabo, she was more than happy to chat to us about her music and life in general!

Maggie Szabo who aptly performs as 'All about Maggie', is not only beautiful, but is also a very much up and coming pop soul diva with a voice to match, there is no doubt big things are happening for this talented young women!

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EBook Review – Fall for You – Cecilia Gray

Fall for you is a story set in a private school, it follows the life of students through changes in the history of their beloved academy. Now a mixed school, the change is met with resistance by Lizzie who is always certain to be leading the next cause.

You travel through the changing course of the students relationships with friends and enemies. Dante’s offhandedness intrigues you, keeping your interest throughout.

Razberry Rating: 


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