TASTE The Infographic Book of Food taste book

taste book


by Laura Rowe
Illustrated by Vicki Turner
October 2015
Published by Aurum Press

Are you information hungry but time poor? Want to eat good food and know good food, but need it
quickly and want it now?

Want to feel travelled without leaving home? Food is the one global language
that always translates and in an age where we consume up to 285 pieces of content daily via social
media alone, information needs to be easily accessible, quick to the point and captivating.

TASTE explores the complex, colourful and at times controversial world of food through a collection of
thought-provoking, stimulating and beautifully-crafted infographics.
Accessible and authoritative, it covers everything you need to know about food, from its origins to consumption, weird and wonderful
traditions, mealtimes and trends, as well as startling, challenging and unusual foodie facts.


While once food comprised the humble gatherings of hunters in caves, today it has been elevated to an
obsession, loathed and adored, craved and crammed in equal measure. Some people eat to live, others
live to eat. TASTE took love, care and attention to create and, like most meals, will ultimately be consumed
in a matter of minutes. In this era of the infographic, statistics, facts and knowledge are presented easily
and understandably.

Written with authority and wit, TASTE charts history and predict trends and is complemented by beautiful,
naturally styled imagery and fact-packed illustrations. From Christmas lunch to curry in a hurry, pizza
to Pavlova, bagels to burgers, TASTE will inform and inspire in equal measure.

The Infographic Book of Food

LAURA ROWE has been writing about food and drink in the UK for more than a decade. She’s written for the Guardian’s Word of Mouth food blog, Olive magazine, Lovefood.com, thewelshmenu.com and has edited Crumbs, the Guild of Food Writers Food Magazine of the Year (2013) in the South West, for the past two years. When she’s not eating and drinking her way around the country, she works as a home economist for top celebrity chefs, making the ‘here’s one I made earlier’…

VICKI TURNER is a British designer, illustrator and maker with a passion for the natural world. She has recently returned from a few years of worldwide wandering to work from her new studio in Devon.

The Infographic Book of Food