Tech Snippet – Snap Chat!

10 little seconds – that is all you get on Snap Chat to view a picture, before it disappears off into the ether forever lost.

WHY? – no really why?  This is exactly what I thought when a friend of mine told me about Snap Chat, and what was interesting about this friend (apart from the fact she is rather nice lady with just enough of a whiff of insane about her to make her a keeper kinda friend – but enough about that – I digress) she is not a teenager, or even a tween, she isn’t even a mid to late thirties (the age bracket the writer falls down in – don’t you just hate it, when you can no longer tick the 27 to 34 box – all of a sudden there you are smack bang in 35 to 44) – nope my friend has left her fifties behind her, and is happily and rather fabulously embracing 60.  For those who don’t know Snap Chat you may still be thinking.

Ok so this broad (I mean if you would say broad, I never would, but then again I am not a Sailor in South Pacific) has a friend who is 60 – get to the point”.

The point is that one of the main reasons behind Snap Chat (developed by students at Stanford University) was that teenagers could snap a pic and send it to friends to be viewed without the fear of it ending up in the wrong hands (if the recipient takes a screen shot the sender is told).   But it is proving to something that for anyone to enjoy using.

My friend in question uses hers to communicate and grin with her children and grandchildren, and that makes so much sense – in our busy world just 10 seconds of a connection with a loved one can give you a little needed lift!

So what exactly is Snap Chat?  Think a messenger service but you snap a pic, add a caption or draw on it and then send it to your Snap Chat contacts – the contacts then have just 10 seconds to look at it before it disappears.

Its free! Hurrah!  So I and the Razberry Juicers have downloaded it and spent the last few days ‘snapping and sending’ – our verdict?  Its pointless fun and we like a bit of pointless fun.   We have all watched sport and sent screen shots with woes or delights.  We have snapped dinners, dogs and babies!  

Snap Chat is a perfect way to connect when you have a few moments, and want a giggle!  If we take it out the hands of the teenagers (not completely they can keep it to) and make it a family app.  Snap pics of your lunch to show your mum you are eating properly!  Snap the bad hair day for your sister – for just 10 seconds.  Show your best friend your latest squeeze for a time too brief for her to analyse!  You get it?

Snap Chat is available for Android and for iPhone –