Textalyzer App on Show


If you are like me, after a late out night and a few drinks, struggle to text the boyfriend or hubby to keep the bed warm, only to find it went to your dad's phone instead, then fear not, help is at hand in the form of the Textalyzer App from www.appication.com.

It works by making the user pass a number of tests which consists of playing four games Coconut Monte, Tap Quila, Lucky Numbers and Top Me Off.


If you fail horrible at any of the above then it may pay to put your phone away and just get that cab home.

The games consists of the following

Coconut Monte

Remember that old classic of three shells and guess which one the little ball is under, well that about sums this one up.

Tap Quila

Here we go a good ole Whack-A-Mole type game, as the worm raises its head from the tequila bottles you have to tap it on the head.

Lucky Numbers

Here users swipe the shells across the screen to reveal a number which they have to enter.

Top Me Off

This one I kind of like you are given a set number of seconds to fill up five glasses of beer, tilting your phone to complete the process.


Over all the idea is good but in truth we are not sure someone is going to spend five minutes taking the tests before they see if they are fit to text, the old walk a straight line may still be the best option, but don’t let this put you off as it is quite a fun little app and I am sure at parties it could be hours (or at least minutes) of fun.

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