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If you are a fan of the odd TV quiz show like me, then when tea time comes you will be  glued to ITV’s The Chase – where four contestants get a chance to take on one of the shows Chasers; The Beast, The Governess, The Dark Destroyer and The Sinnerman all specialist quizmasters with individual areas of expertise.

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Well now you can have your chance to see if you are good enough to beat the Chaser thanks to Barnstorm Games who have developed thethe chase official app of the series for both Android and Iso platforms.

What is really wonderful about this app is that the gameplay is pretty much the same as the TV show with almost the same pressures and intensity, if you have never watched the show –  you are part of a team of four whose aim it is to get as many of the team home with the largest amount of money in the pot for one final chase to win the lot!

Each contestant starts the game by answering as many questions as they can, in a set time, getting £1000 for each correct answer, they then get to take on one of the Chasers in a head-to-head, and  if they are successful then the money they accumulated gets added to the pot but if they are caught then they are out and will take no further part in the game.

This app is as close as you can get to play the game for real with the following features

• Play with up to four players (on one device)

• Play in each of the Chase rounds:

   – Cash Builder

   – The Chase

   – The Final Chase

• GameCircle Leaderboards

• GameCircle Achievements

• Local Leaderboards

• Detailed stats for Players and Chasers

• Thousands of UK & Ireland friendly questions.

What more can I say about this game, it’s one of the best family the chase entertainment games out there, the only really thing it lacks is the show’s host Bradley Walsh and of course some really money would be nice, but overall this game is a real winner and one for quiz lovers everywhere.

About Barnstorm Games

Barnstorm Games was established by video game industry veteran Simon Jeffrey in 2009, with the aim to publish family friendly games.

In 2012 the team at Silverball Studios, responsible for developing hits such as Super Mario Ball and The Chase, joined Barnstorm Games to become the in-house development team.

Major successes include the #1 hits; Super Mario Ball, Hello Kitty Party, Pro Pinball, Pinball Pulse: The Ancients Beckon, Let’s Draw, The Chase, Mensa Brain Test, and Mensa Academy