The Five Foodie Gadgets You Don’t Need But Probably Want

Many gadgets make our lives easier, and we are surrounded by them, helping to ease our way through each day!

But there are some gadgets which have little to do with necessity and more to do with that “I want one of those moment”, and all of these on our list have another great bonus, they are all foodie orientated.

I found all of these Gadgets on – a newly found British place for some smart gadgetry (and nope they aint paying us, we just rather liked what we found)

peanut1.        Peanut Butter Maker

What could be better than making your own scrumptious peanut butter!  I LOVE peanut butter with an unending passion so was overexcited to come across this lil beauty.

What they say:

“With this awesome Peanut Butter Maker you can make your very own delicious peanut butter at home – with all sorts of different nuts and ingredients, so that you know exactly what’s gone into it!

Make the healthiest, most delicious peanut butter in no time – simply pour your favourite shelled and chopped nuts into the top of your peanut butter maker, turn it on, add a bit of oil and wait for your amazing, freshly made peanut butter to pour out of the other end!

Your peanut butter maker makes healthy peanut butter in no time, and is easy to clean and easy to use – perfect! Best of all, if you fancy a change (we know, as if you would ever want a change!) and is great for people wanting to stay healthy, since it has a lot of healthy nutrients, other options is to take supplements from this Keto Pure Diet that also help with this”

It costs: £34.95

Buy here:

slush2.     Retro Slush Maker

A slushie is a wonderful thing and this Slush Maker with fabulous retro styling it will look great on any kitchen counter. Add a slosh of vodka and its happy days.

What they say:

“We all love the hot weather and there is nothing quite like a cold, refreshing drink, to quench your thirst and keep you cool in the summer sun. Or even better – a gorgeous soft ice cream to cool you down!

Now, we have the perfect solution to making frozen drinks and ice cream in one amazing contraption! This 1950’s style Retro Slush Maker has been designed so that you can make Slushies and Mr Whippy style ice cream in your very own kitchen.

You can wow friends and family with frozen treats, whether it’s at a barbecue, a party or simply because… you fancy sharing the slush or ice cream with everyone!

You can follow the recipe ideas or get creative and make your own concoction of flavours.”

It costs: £49.95
Buy here:

candy3.       Candy Floss Maker

Sugar you can’t have too much you know…. (I jest of course), but everyone deserves a li treat sometimes, and what better than sickly sweet candy floss.

What they say:

“Everyone loves Candy Floss, just the smell takes you back to days at the fairground, park and just lazing on a summers day. Now you can recreate those days in the comfort of your own home with the JM Posner Candy Floss maker. Simply drop a spoonful of sugar into the top of the machine, add a little colouring if you wish, turn it on and hey presto candy floss, yummy!

For plain fluffy candy floss, just add caster sugar, for traditional pink add a couple of drops of food colouring with the sugar, green colouring works great for Halloween, in fact experiment with whatever colours you like. The fun doesn’t stop there with this amazing little machine you can even drop two or three of your very favourite hard boiled sweets into it for a wild array of tasty flavours!

So delight your friends and family with unique gourmet flavours everyone will love. New halogen technology means this candy floss maker can make more candy floss per minute than those with older heating technology; which means you get even more fun for your money!”

What it costs: £27.95

Buy here:

grab4.        Fairground Candy Grabber

Completely pointless and possibly my favourite gadget on the list – possibly a diet aid even… the time you actually grab a treat you may well have forgotten why you wanted one.

“What they say”

“The arcade is a wonderful place; Fun games, flashing lights and a whole array of fabulous prizes to be won. The only problem is, they can really drain your funds. Imagine if you could get the whole arcade experience at home without the costly downside.

We have the answer in the Wiki Fairground Candy Grabber Game machine!

It might not be an Xbox, and it’s certainly a bit of a mouthful to say, but this machine will give you and your friends hours of sweet candy fun. Just add mountains of your favourite candy treats. Put one of the fake coins (supplied) into the slot and you’re off! Grab the sweets before the music runs out or else you’ll be going hungry.

It’s perfect for a lonely night in, even better for a family night in, but call some friends over and you’ve got yourself a party! It’s so simple, so fun and so sweet. So get yourself something that the whole family will enjoy.”

What it costs: £27.99

Buy here:

chocf5.        Premier Chocolate Fountain

And, finally, no list of pointless foodie gadgets would be complete without a chocolate fountain, and this one is a doozy, strawberries and marshmallows don’t stand a chance.

What they say:

“No doubt you’ve recently been to a wedding or a posh function where they’ve hired one of those natty chocolate fountains? You know the ones we mean – the ones with a constant waterfall of scrummy liquid chocolate in which you dip your chosen accompaniment – be it strawberries, marshmallows or sweets! We agree. They’re delightful aren’t they!

But why limit this chocolatey treat to when you are at a function? Why not buy a chocolate fountain for when you are in the comfort of your own home and fancy one of those nights of indulgence?

The stainless steel Premier Chocolate Fondue Fountain is the consummate accessory for entertainment in the home. To use simply fill the base with melted chocolate, turn it on and wallow in pure chocolate heaven! Warm Belgian chocolate, or any other chocolate you prefer, is cleverly carried to the top of the fountain where it then delightfully cascades down, forming a flowing curtain of delicious chocolatey goodness. You can dip whatever you want into the fountain – as long as it goes on a stick it will be fine!

The original stainless steel chocolate fountain can be used all year round. Be it barbecues, parties or family gatherings at Christmas, the Chocolate Fountain is sure to be the centrepiece whatever the occasion.”

What it costs: £34.95

Buy here: