The Inner World Game Review

What the Inner World isn’t:

  • A fast paced shoot em up with more noise and violence than a Saturday night down your local high street.
  • A 3d computer generated bright and overly coloured graphics headache.
  • A game which requires no more intelligence than;  point – shoot – repeat – point – shoot – repeat.
  • What the Inner World is:

  • A absolutely beautifully hand drawn 2d game whose graphics will instantly enthral and delight you.
  • A traditional point, click and solve puzzles to get to the goal game.
  • A game which will need you to use your puzzle solving brain, whilst entertaining you with a story and great characters.

    Razberry Rating:

I instantly enjoyed playing this game, as someone who has always loved puzzles this game is right up my street.  Without meaning to sound like a very old lady, whose slippers are currently warming by the fire, sometimes it is so nice to play a computer game (and I don’t play very many anymore) which does not straight away assault your eardrums and retinas with bright colours, sounds and 3D computer generated graphics.

The Inner World tasks the player to help Robert (our hero), who lives in the world of Asposia, save the world by solving as you go along leaning more about the world, characters and story with each puzzle.

The puzzles are a very big mix ranging from the very easy, to the mind-wracking hard.  There is though a very comprehensive help system, which although will not actually give you the answer gives (mostly) enough tips and hints to enable even the hardest puzzles to be solved.

What is perhaps the most surprising and pleasing thing about the Inner World is how very funny it is at times, some of the humour does border on the adult though, so don’t be fooled by the looks and characters that this is a game for children – it is definitely aimed at adults (and older children and teens).   The game is so very visually appealing, that as I played, I found myself stopping just to look at the scenes and characters, making sure I didn’t miss out anything.


For someone looking for a break from the norm, or if you are not normally a computer gamer –the Inner World really does have something to offer.  I thoroughly enjoyed playing, and in fact I haven’t yet finished (and don’t expect to for a while yet – the game is estimated to be about 6 – 8 hours, in total, but I am probably going to take over 10 hours when all is said and done, partly because I am quite dim and partly because I am enjoying the visual aspect and characters so much).

The Inner World is made by Merge Games – find out more: