The rise and rise of online publishing

The rise of e-books and online publishing has been quite astounding in the last few years, whilst it doesn’t seem about to render the paper and ink redundant just yet, there is no doubt that the popularity of this format will continue, and with apps being available for smart phones and tablets, with surprisingly matt looking interfaces and easy readability, this is technology we can all embrace!

The majority of books available for the Kindle, Kobo, Sony Reader or any one of the others available on the market are books that are already published in paper, or new books paper published at the same time, there is a growing number of authors and publishers, producing books only available to buy online in electronic form.




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We spoke to Elysee Lane whose first book Taming Lily Rose, is presently published in electronic form only – asking her about the process, her book and how it feels to have your words in print!

  • So Elysee this is your first book published online? Is it your first book or have your previously published in paper?

'This is my first published book in any format. Though I have been writing for many years freelance and for personal projects.' 

  • What led you to publish your book online? Was this your first choice, the subject of your book is certainly adult, was this a factor when deciding to publish your work online?

'I think the online e-book market is extremely exciting. With the emergence of Kindle and e-books as well as on tablets and android devices, the   availability of all types of literature is growing continually. The genre of erotic adult fiction is certainly suited to online publication. I think some of us might quail going into our local booksellers for something upper shelf, whereas we wouldn't think twice to download it.'

  • How hard was it to get to the point of having your book published? Does it follow the same kind of format as for trying to get a book published in paper? Did you have to send your manuscript to a lot of publishers?

'Each publisher will have a very specific list of requirements for online submissions. Including format, word count and content. The material costs involved in getting a book published on paper are high, so publishers have to be certain your book will recoup that cost. Getting your book online is much lower monetary risk, so I would say it's generally an easier format to work in.'

  • Your book is available for Kindle, direct from the publisher and also via Amazon, is this for the author an easy process?

'Once the publisher has the manuscript they will edit and publish it on their main site. They have a number of affiliates as well as working with Kindle and Amazon. My input as an author in the process really ends at handing over the finished book to the publisher.'

  • Are you happy to be a part of this growing market? Do you think publishing online is seen as an easier option or is it simply another way of getting your book and work out there?

'I am very happy to be part of the e-book market. I believe that the future of day to day access to literature lies firmly in the online and digital format. Much in the same way that we now use emails rather than postal letters for most of our written communication. Books will always have their place of course, I have a number of dog-eared favourites I simply wouldn't be without. However the convenience of a book on demand can't be underestimated. After all, most of us are rarely without phones or laptops.'

  • Have you had some success with book sales, do you think the road to monetary success for an author could be had going down the purely online publishing route?

'It is undeniably hard for any new author to get a break in the market. You are competing with well established writers whether online or in paper format. However, I have seen a good net return for my book. A close friend of mine has a series of e-books and earns in the region of £350 – £800 per month which, I am sure you would agree, most new authors would be pleased with.'

  • Your book the Taming of Lily Rose is certainly for adults, most definitely not for the faint hearted or fragile and explores some very for some taboo subjects, where did your inspiration come from? Is there are a part of you in the book?

'I think that the adult erotic fiction market is one that is growing. Especially for women who might prefer the subtleties of the written word rather than, for example, watching a sexy film. My book does cover some interesting concepts of power exchange, within a sexual relationship. I think that many women like to explore these darker fantasies and thoughts within the safe and harmless medium of adult fiction. As a woman writer, I am conscious of simply writing a book that I would enjoy reading.'

  • As a first time published author how does it feel to see your book out there in print?

'It's wonderful! It's extremely rewarding to see people read and enjoy your work and makes the hours of slogging at the keyboard completely worthwhile.'

  • So, what is next? Is there a second book in the pipeline, and if so will you be following the same route, hoping to publish online or is the manna for all authors still to see their work in print on paper, lined up in a booksellers?

'There is another book on the way and will be published online soon, hopefully before Christmas. Some time next year I have another mainstream book I am hoping to have published in paper form. I agree there is a certain magic to seeing your name on the front of a hardback. But I think for this format, the online market is unbeatable.'