Three Year Old Watching Finding Dory Trailer

findingMe: “Come and see this, tell Mummy what you think”

Offspring: “Nope no no no”

Me: “Come on its really quick and you will like it”

Offspring: “No no no, its stupid fish again”

Me: “Ok, well I am going to watch it, its looks like fun”

Offspring: “Well I dont care and I am going to tell Daddy and he will put you in the rubbish bin”.

Trailer starts playing, my three year old son looks up and then pretends he is not looking, but he just cant help himself, he moves nearer and nearer to the screen until he sits down right in front of the TV for the last 30 seconds with a big beam on his face!  We watched it four more times before he lost interest and we have already decided we will taking a trip to see it!

We are quite new to childrens’ films and my son is very new to films altogether we only discovered Finding Nemo last Sunday when after a day outside we plonked down in front of the TV and he was so captivated I was able to down a glass of wine and read almost half a Sunday paper before he lost interest.

Finding Dory gets a thumbs up from me and the small son – who has graciously said that I can have the popcorn in his kids pack (we went to the cinema for the first time two weeks ago to see the Good Dinosaur), as it tastes of bogeys….so thats good!