Unruly Guides E-book Formatting Kit 3.0 Review

Like all new authors to self-publishing I was a bit worried about the formatting aspect of my book once ready to publish, after putting all the hard work in to writing it, the last thing I wanted was for it to be let down by poor readability when viewed on one of today’s readers such as a Kindle.

This began my search on how to format an e-book looking for a tool that not only made it pleasing to read but also made it compare favourably against the competition.





It did not take me long to bring up a lot of how to guides on formatting when searching in Google, and some which looked very good, but I did not just want a guide I wanted something with visuals – like my own personal teacher, and that’s how I came across the Unruly Guides website www.unrulyguides.com and the E-Book Formatting Kit 3.00.

So what exactly is the E-Book Formatting Kit 3.0? Well I am going to tell you straight off, its not some magic money making machine for producing e-books nor will it do it all for you, but it will teach you how to format your work so it looks good and it will help make the whole process much more faster and efficient to do.

In the package you get after purchasing are all the tools you need to create an .epub or .mobi file – the kit consists of the following.

  • Read Me PDF
  • Self-Publishing Manual
  • Step By Step Quick Guide
  • Master E-book Folder (Includes xhtml, css, images, pages include: cover page, copyright page, toc (up to 20 chapters), and content page, about the author page)
  • Bonus mini tutorials you can use with your kit 

       – Formatting Poetry   

       – How to create Drop Caps

       – How to Embed Fonts

      – 3-Level TOC

      – Working with end notes

      – Table Examples

You will need a copy of Sigel which this guide uses and can be downloaded here: http://code.google.com/p/SIGIL.



The whole kit is extremely professionally put together and the manual which accompanies it takes you step by step through the formatting process, using a set of predefined xhtml templates. After being shown how to convert your word document into clean xhtml, you basically just copy and paste your book into these xhtml templates, then do any editing you need in Sigil. But that’s not all, the truly great thing about this whole system, is that it comes with videos which correspond to each section of your book, so not only can you read how to do each step but you can also see how its done, these are available on the author's site to watch and download and really do make the whole process very simple but at the same time informative.

One final thing – while the kit uses xhtml and css to create good formatting you by no means need to be an expert as everything is provided and even the ability to email the author if you are stuck on any particular one thing.

I really cannot recommend this kit enough, not only did it make formatting my book a lot less painful but I actually learned a whole lot about formatting this is definitely one to ask for at Christmas!



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