Vinyl Another Great Rock Swindle

If you’re a fan of punk rock or just lover of music with a bit of a bite then your going to love this British film which is based on the true story of Mike Peters and The Alarm who created the virtual band the The Poppy Fields in 2004 fearing the major music industry moguls would never take a bunch of old rockers seriously, they managed to pull of one the greatest all-time music scams, by charting their successful release 45 RMP rivalling those other great swindlers The Sex Pistols.


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Following the Journey of aged punk rocker Johnny Jones AKA Phil Daniels which sees him almost take a reversal of roles from his mod playing days as Jimmy in Quadrophenia once again you cant help but love the guy in what one can only be described as the perfect performance by Daniels in a  role that suits him well, abliby assisted by his fellow band members Robbie, (Perry Benson) Minto, (Keith Allen), Griff, (Christopher Roy Turner)  after a drunken nights debauchery the former members of The Weapons of Happiness record the classic but catchy punk rock song Free Rock n Roll

With the sound of rock n roll once again pumping through his veins Johnny quickly cohorts his old mates in to getting the band back to gether for one last blast, getting them to agree he should approach their old record label down in London.

Once there the rebel rocker is met by a rather young music exsec whoexplains to Johnny why he no longer fitted their demographics and no matter how good the song was nobody would take them serious enough to give them a chance.

Undeterred Johnny comes up with a masterful plan for the former band mates  to coach a bunch of spotty teenagers how to be punk wanabies before releasing their single to the unsuspecting world.

But with all best laid plans nothing ever goes as you plan and Johnny and the rest of The Weapons of Happiness go through few intriguing challenges as they try desperately to hold it together.

Not to give it all away but there are some masterful performances least of all Daniels who is just superb as an aging rocker, but also Keith Allen, Perry Benson add some magical moments and keep an eye out for Jamie Blackley (Drainpipe) who looks to have a bright future.

What’s not to like about this movie is just pure class and in true punk fashion  sticks two fingers up to conformity of the music industry shouting its not about age or how you look its about the music, combined with some cameo roles from Steve Diggle (The Buzzcocks), Jynine James, Mike Peters and Tim Sanders (The City Zones),  make for this a not to be missed movie, written and directed bySara Sugarman