Living Life on a Budget – Vouchers

It certainly seems these days that to set out on day's shopping, out for a meal or a night out without a money-off/special deal voucher tucked into your back pocket would be crazy. The culture for these vouchers has sprung up, and doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. I would never head out for lunch with friends without one, and would hate to sit in a restaurant seeing those white slips on everyone else's tables, knowing I was paying full price, while they were all far more canny than me, and were getting the same grub and paying far less for it!

There are a plethora of websites and companies offering regular money-off coupons and special offer vouchers, there is zero stigma attached to them, and to not use them is bonkers! So we have done our very best to find the cream of the crop; so if you want to become a voucher queen in one easy step here is everything you need!


Perhaps the ultimate site for deals and money off, Groupon has sprung up in direct response it would seem to feed our appetite for saving money! There has been some criticism of the site in respect of some companies who have signed up for the service and have not made any money from the deals they have offered. BUT this article is all out the consumer side, and for a consumer, Groupon can offer some massive savings on just about anything! By choosing your City (or County for those of us living in a smaller town or village), you are presented with a deals for that day, some just for that day, some which run for longer, a quick browse will show money off meals and hotel stays, a lot of beauty treatments, products and services, even weddings. It would appear there is no limit! You can sign up for a daily newsletter which will pop into your inbox the pertinent deals of the day!


Wowcher works in the same way as Groupon, and offers deals like Groupon does for pretty much anything, tailored to where you live! Enter your email address and where in the country you are and you can browse the deals, and will receive a daily email with your area's deals. You do not need to enter more personal details and payment information if and until you decide to sign up for a deal (the same is true for Groupon)

Thousands of voucher deals all shoved together on one site – I have been using this site for a long time. Most (if not all) of the vouchers can be found on the individual companies offering the deals sites, but this is a good place to find and compare deals. You simply choose the category of voucher you are looking for, and are then presented with all the deals that apply. A click will then take you to the website of the company offering the deal. You will usually be required to enter your email address to then get the voucher to print. But in some instances you will need to register, giving your home address etc. You will, once you have entered your email address, be regularly peppered with promotions and emails from the company offering the deal, so either accept it as a price to pay for money off, or if you only need enter a email address to get the deal – pop in one that might not necessary work (I didn’t say that!!). 

Another website which offers a direct click-thru to companies offering deals. It does offer a daily email, but as the deals are so easily accessible via the site, the word spam comes to mind. 

Direct click through to deals – you click to get the code and the company's website will open in a new window, a fair amount of deals on offer, easy to use site!

Food shopping Online

Most of the supermarkets that offer a online food shopping service will also offer money off your first shop

Asda will also give you a £5.00 off voucher each time you use their compare service to check your shop was cheapest (up to a maximum of £15.00)

At the time of writing Tesco were offering £5 off a £40 shop (once you do one £40 shop)

Ocardo will, if you sign up with them, give you £15 off your first shop (£75.00 minimum spend), if you then refrain from shopping with them they will offer you increasingly good deals. I never shop with them until they are offering me at least 20% off or £20 off!


The home and birthplace of the voucher!

If you know where you want to eat – a visit to the restaurant's website prior to your visit is always a good plan

Are just some of the restaurant chains regularly offering money off deals, most are for a limited time, but will often run over and over, often they do not include say a Friday or Saturday night, so it is always worth reading the small print!

Local restaurants are also getting in on the deal, and I have found it is worth looking on the websites of local restaurants and cafes before booking as they will often have a deal or a money-off voucher on offer. Loyalty cards and schemes are also good ways of supporting your local restaurant. With the larger chains offering such huge nationwide vouchers, it is definitely good to see what your locally owned restaurants are offering. I have been very pleasantly surprised!


Are very often offering a money off deal both via their websites and also on the some of the above mentioned voucher websites.

Local takeaways will also often offer deals, very often via those copious amounts of flyers that come through our doors. Most of us just throw them away, me included, but if you are thinking this weekend might be a takeaway weekend, have a quick read first, often if you are ordering for a family there are some half decent deals to be had via the stuff that is shoved through your door.


A voucher is a must have when shopping or eating out, but don't just take it for granted you will be saving money, read the small print and never use a voucher “just cos its cheap” if you dont really need or want the items!

In short before you head off on a night out, book a holiday or go shopping spend a few minutes checking the website of the company you are planning on handing over your hard earned funds too just to see if you could save a few quid!


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