Web Series Review – Pairings

Pairings is a web series I happened upon, admittedly whilst trawling YouTube for a binge watchable offering to review!

It dates back to 2014, but that really doesn’t matter!  In fact I think finding a good web series has gotten harder and harder, at one point you were tripping over brilliant, mediocrity and the horrendous in equal regular measure.  But in the last year or so, I have really struggled to find a web series which floats my boat, perhaps it’s because so much seems to be geared towards the millennials, those for whom their future is still a mystery (mine is not, on my horizon I see school plays, sports days, exams (not mine), and then college and university (again not for me) followed by a slow decline in to invisibility and the desperation to fill the gap left (yep, there we go that’s me).

So with the above said, and the fact I love me the food!  I was very happy to find Pairings!

Pairings is a lovely mix of cooking/family/love story – it follows Alan, a talented cook who also happens to be very unlucky in love as he slowly realises that actually the way to a woman’s heart is to cook for her!  A bet then ensues, which leaves Alan fighting between the urge to win the money (to open a brewery to make, with his brother, the amazing beer his father would brew, before his death) and the urge to actually be a decent chap!

pairings1There are two series’ of Pairings, and I really can’t see why the viewing figures are not a little higher!   Decent production values make it an easy and enjoyable watch.  The cast are all pretty decent, the writer and creator, Ed Robinson, is also the star of the show portraying unlucky in love Alan, a nice guy who can cook, and who sometimes isn’t that nice!

There is a secondary story running alongside, between Alan, and his brother and sister, this plods nicely along, filling in the gaps as we go.   Rick Robinson (who also happens to be the director) plays the comedy relief, Drew and sensible Addie their sister and family lynchpin is played by Shannon Nelson, with her husband Steve, well played by David Nett

All of the actors do a good job, there are a few moments of staring into the camera with that vacant stare that says I have no clue what I am doing!

Friend of the family Bobert is nice played by Nathan Mobley, with his love interest being fabulously portrayed by Paula Rhodes.

The lovely Nebula Gu, plays Rosie, the will they won’t they – just friends or are they, love interest.

Over two series, we see this simple story unfold well, at times it is a little slow but that doesn’t really matter, it’s not supposed to be a thriller!  And finally of course there is the cooking, each episode features one or more dish being made and made very well indeed, I certainly felt a little hungry whilst watching!  – the only dish that made me a little queasy, as a brit used to a bacon buttie, was candied bacon!

Worth a watch and absolutely definitely better than its YouTube views!

Pairings website HERE