What to Do While Waiting For The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead I am a bit of a late comer to The Walking Dead, having just  finished watching season 4, I am already having withdrawal symptoms as I wait for  season 5 which is due to premier in October 2014

The show has become a phenomenal worldwide success, partly due to the cast of Rick Grimes and co but also due to the writers who have a way of throwing you a surprise or two, just as I was getting to like the new improved badass Andrea wham she’s gone and what about Hershel the old wise man of the group it was like killing Yoda from Star Wars, but that’s what makes it so great and unpredictable none of the characters are truly ever safe which makes for addictive viewing.

Anyway to try and keep my mind occupied while I wait for the show to return I thought I would take a look at some of the new  Walking Dead collectables that are due out for release.

Starting with  The Walking Dead TV Series  6 Action Figure Set  due out in October 2014 this set in includes some of the main characters all beautiful detailed with my personal favourite of the bunch being Hershel.    Price $83.00

walking dead action figures

  • Series 6 Walking Dead TV action figures!
  • Carol Peletier, Hershel Greene, and Abraham Ford from The Walking Dead TV show!
  • Set includes 6 individually packaged 5-inch tall action figures.
  • Interchangeable accessories and multiple points of articulation.

Based off fan-favorite characters from the AMC TV version of Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead, these 5-inch scale action figures sport interchangeable accessories and multiple points of articulation. Collect every blood-curdling one!

This Series 6 set contains 6 individually packaged figures:
1x Rick Grimes
1x Abraham Ford
1x Hershel Greene
1x Carol Peletier
1x Bungie Guts Zombie
1x Governor with Long Coat


Next up for those thinking of Christmas this far out is The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon On Motorcycle Christmas Stocking Due Out October 2014   Price $15.99/£9.38

walking dead sock

Give Santa a fright as he fills The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon on Motorcycle Christmas Stocking with all your Christmas goodies! This fun, red and black Christmas stocking features Daryl Dixon riding his motorcycle. The angel wings seen on the back of his leather jacket in the AMC TV series The Walking Dead are featured as background to the main image of Daryl on his bike. The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon on Motorcycle Christmas Stocking measures 19-inches long.

Now Shane Walsh Gone but his figures lives on in this TV Baseball Cap Action Figure

Due Out June 2014 Price $14.99/£8.80

Shane Walsh

Shane Walsh may be gone, but he definitely won't be forgotten! The fan-favorite from The Walking Dead TV Series 2 returns, with Shane Walsh sporting a full head with hair, a baseball cap, shotgun, and a serious, but sane expression on his face. The 5-inch tall action figure features amazing likeness to actor Jon Bernthal. In this release, Shane's packaging gets an update too. Shane comes in a more compact blister card with an updated background featuring the Season 1 key art.

5 Inches Tall


And for anyone who wants to be just like Rick  we have The Walking Dead TV Series Rick Grimes Sheriff Badge Prop Replica Due Out September 2014  Price $98.99/£58.80

Rick Grimes

  • Digitally sculpted using the actual prop badge!
  • The highest-quality and most authentic prop replica around.
  • Includes an authentic replica of actor Andrew Lincoln's signature!

Digitally sculpted using the actual prop badge as reference and hand crafted by master artisans, it's The Walking Dead Sheriff Rick Grimes Replica Badge! Nowhere else can you find as accurate a replica prop! Presented in a beautiful shadowbox that also boasts an authentic replica of actor Andrew Lincoln's signature, this gorgeous display piece is perfect for any true The Walking Dead fan's collection! Badge measures approximately 3-inches wide x 2 4/5-inches tall. Plus, this great replica even comes with an authentic Rick Grimes nameplate! Box measures 15-inches tall x 7-inches wide x 1 3/4-inches long.

15 inches wide


Merle Dixon love him hate him the man was a monster in his own right and for those who are his fans we have The Walking Dead TV Series Merle Dixon Walker  1:4 Scale Statue  Due Out December 2014  Price $398.99/£234.10

Merle Dixon

One of the most complicated characters on AMC's The Walking Dead, Daryl's brother Merle evolved from a stereotypical brutal redneck to a tragic figure seeking redemption, which he finds to a degree after releasing Michonne and singlehandedly taking on The Governor's ambush party. Merle meets a violent end by The Governor's hand and returns to stalk the living as a Walker. Designed by the artisans at Gentle Giant, the Merle Dixon Walker Statue captures the likeness of Michael Rooker's Merle Dixon in all of his undead glory. Each limited edition, hand-painted statue comes individually numbered and is paired with a matching certificate of authenticity. Measures approximately 16 1/4-inches tall!



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