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Way back in 2012, we ran an article with a impressive list of online diet clubs. One of the best diets we found was in tophealth site. That article has proven to this day so very popular, hits in the tens of thousands, and still going strong.  So, we decided to update it for 2015, and its no surprise that everything costs (sometimes just a little) more!

With busy lifestyles, online diet clubs are very popular, rather than going along each week to be weighed in front of lots of other weight-loss hopefuls these clubs claim they can give you all the tools and inspiration you need to lose weight online. There are plenty out there to choose from, all offering a range of benefits and services at a range of prices.

We have taken a look at some of the most popular and extrapolated the pertinent information from the copious colourful wordy websites! So at a glance you can see how much it costs, what you get for your money and what they say about their service!

 Online Diet Club

Name How much does it cost? What you get What they Say
WeightWatchers Sign up is free;£32.85 for the first 3 months membership, OR £12.95 for your first month thereafter £12.95 per month. Expert Chat – 24/7 real-time support from trained expertsProPoints plan – lose weight while still eating the foods you loveDigital tools and mobile app A community of supportMembers only online shopSeamless activity tracking – connect your device to your Weight Watchers account The ProPoints plan reflects the latest science that takes into account how different nutrients in foods are processed by the body and how satisfying they are and the impact this can have on your weight loss efforts. We assign a ProPoints value to every food and drink based on the amount of protein, carbohydrate, fat and fibre in the portion……Because it’s possible to calculate the ProPoints values in any food or drink, it means you can tailor the plan to fit in the foods you want to eat. With a ProPoints budget that ensures you create the all-important calorie deficit for weight loss, all you need to do is work out the ProPoints values in your food choices and stay within your budget. By doing this you will also be making healthier choices too.
Tesco Diets   No longer exists – has been replaced by Tesco RealFoods a website encouraging healthy eating, with tips, recipes and plans.  
SainsburysDiets becameDietPlan.co.uk
2 Day Online Trial – FREE
8 weeks membership – £16
12 weeks membership – £20
26 weeks membership – £50
52 weeks membership – £75
A personalised Diet Plan and a Food Diary – switch between either option!
A tailored Body Shape plan
Use of the Recipe Club
Access via iPhone App
Chat with others in the Diet Forums
Help and guidance in ‘News & Views’
Get help with what to eat with our simple, easy to follow and nutritionally balanced Meal Plans.

  • Summer Eating Plan
  • Health & Vitality Plan
  • Feel Fuller Plan
  • Reduced Fat Plan
  • Vegetarian Plan
  • Higher Fibre Plan
  • Healthy Heart Plan

PLUS Have freedom over your food choices. Just keep an online diary and stay within your personal targets. Benefits:

  • No banned foods
  • Easy to follow
  • Ideal for choosy eaters
  • Realistic food targets
  • Tracks 5-a-day and alcohol
Rosemary Conley – The Online Weightless Club £12.99 per month pay for for longer it costs less3 months – £34.99

Annual – £69.99 

A choice of diet plans to follow.A food and fitness diary to keep a track of what you are eating. Progress charts to record your weight and inch lossSimple weigh-inAccess to over 2400 recipes The Rosemary Conley Online weight loss club is packed full of motivation, information, tools and the support that you need to lose weight and stay that way. Choose the perfect eating plan for you. We have a choice of diet plans to fit in with every lifestyle, including Rosemary’s version of the 5:2 Diet
Watch your weight go down. Track your weight & measurements and be motivated by your targets with our simple weigh-in section.
Over 2,400 delicious and easy recipes
Whether you’re a vegetarian, a meat lover, seafood crazy, or partial to a slice of cake, we have a huge library of healthy recipes. Filter by ingredients, meal of the day, cooking time or calories per portion to find the perfect meal for you
Tone up with our exercise videos. We have exercises to suit every level of fitness and mobility – from seated aerobic workouts to cardio interval programmes. And with Rosemary’s daily activity challenge videos, you’ll never be short of motivation
Food & Fitness Diary – Track your eating and exercise for faster results.
DietChef Currently at 1/2 price for the first month – £95 Is then £190 a month (12 week plan) We give you breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack for each day of the week. Everything is calorie counted and portion controlled so you just tuck in and enjoy. We believe you should eat the food you love so our 100 delicious dishes even include curry and pasta. With Diet Chef you can expect to lose a healthy amount of weight, while eating real, yummy food.
Your food for the month delivered to your door for FREE.
At Diet Chef our expert Head Chef and Nutritionist combine their skills to make great tasting healthy versions of your favourite meals. We use a special slow cooking method to trap in the goodness and vacuum seal in the flavour.
This innovative sealing method means you don’t need to chill or freeze your meals; they can be stored in a cupboard and heated in just 3 minutes. So you are never far away from a delicious satisfying meal, keeping you feeling full and content, while losing weight.
Everything ready in 3 minutes or less
You get a breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack each day. You choose from 100 delicious options. Delivered monthly in a large unbranded box
Add fruit and vegetables to meet government recommendations. Lose on average 50% more than self-directed dieters.
MySpecialK.co.uk  FREE Hundreds of Healthy Recipes Optional Slimming Plan with tailor-made recipes, a food diary and weight-loss tracker.? It’s time to change the way we think about weight loss this summer, with My Special KIt’s not just about the pounds and inches we want to lose, it’s the feeling we gain when we have lost weight that is so much more rewarding. Confidence, positivity, pride, joy … what will you gain when you loseAt Special K we want to inspire you to live a healthy lifestyle with a delightful range of cereals and tasty snacks as well as a free personalised lifestyle guide and optional slimming plan.So stop thinking about what you want to lose and focus instead on the positive feelings you want to gain.
Jenny Craig     No longer operates in the UK!
UKDietClub   No longer exists
SlimmingWorld Three tiers of membership – Bronze, Silver & GoldBronze – £60 – 3 months

Silver – £65 – 3 months

Gold – £80 – 3 months


All three plans offer:Interactive Online Food DiaryWeight-loss Chart and weekly online support.Access to over £1,200 delicious recipes.

Features to help motivate and inspire.

Plus with silver & Gold 7 issues of SlimmingWorld Magazine (across 12 months) plus with Gold Slimming World’s Food Optimising and Body Magic books

 At Slimming World, our vision is to make a real difference to as many people’s lives as we can and – through our groups, and our online service – we do.We know that joining one of our warm, supportive groups really is the very best way to lose weight – in the company of other slimmers who can uplift you, share with you and encourage you.We also understand that some people can’t get to a group or don’t feel that a group is quite right for them – and that’s why Slimming World offers a unique and revolutionary alternative – Slimming World Online.Based on the same strong principles and philosophy as our famous groups – our no -hunger Food Optimising plan, our lifestyle activity programme Body Magic and empowering, adult support – Slimming World Online is perfect for busy men and women who’d love to lose weight and who love using the internet. 


NEW to the List for 2015

 HairyBikersDietClub Join for 3 months at £32.95 will get a whole 1 month free! Community forums and guest Q&A’s – we are really supportive!
Daily nutritionally-balanced menu plans, with regular and vegetarian options
Daily exercise plans you can do at home or at the gym
Online database of more than 40,000 foods and exercises
Expert advice and guidance
Access to the Hairy Bikers’ Diet Club online food diary
Here at the Hairy Bikers’ Diet Club we focus on the energy equation: your calories in via food and drink versus your calories burnt through exercise.Our mint website provides all the tools to monitor this all-important energy balance, including:

  • 210 Menu plans
  • 400 Exercise programs
  • Online diary to track your calories in and out
  • Weekly weigh ins so you’re accountable
  • Bags of motivation and a buzzing community

 WomanandHomeDietClub  2 months Website & App £16.99
3 months Website & App £24.99
6 months Website & App £41.99We offer a no obligation 5-day free trial, so you can see if the service is for you before you join.
 After your initial membership term, you will be charged on a monthly basis.Recipe calorie calculator & over 400 members recipes
Food swap – find healthier food choices instantly
Automatic 5-a-day tracking
Automatic alcohol tracking
Woman and Home Diet Club uses the successful food diary approach for weight loss recommended by doctors & dietitians. It’s easy & flexible.
Simply enter everything you eat & drink in your food diary, stay within your personal calorie targets & see the weight drop off!



All prices correct at the time of publication

We make no assumptions or claims about the effectiveness of any weight-loss plan and do not endorse or support any particular one.

All claims are taken directly from the diet clubs websites.